• 1. Save the tiger and

  • 2. To take up Bio Diverse A forestation in both natural and urban forests.

  • 3. Transplant tree coming in the way of the expanding Hyderabad city

The aim is to increase the Tiger habitat and also provide for urban forests for the flora and fauna that our fast growing cities are displacing. The foundation consists of a dedicated team of people from our fast growing cities are displacing. The foundation consists of a dedicated team of people from all walks of life with a strong determination to make a difference by rebuilding new forests and saving the Tiger.

The route we have adopted is also as unique as the team. To travel the world spreading the awareness and raise funds for the foundation works. Vata Foundation spreads awareness and raise funds for its projects through its travel group named Indian Rollers. Indian Rollers intend to travel across the globe in a phased manner and spread the cause across the Globe eventually.

  • 1. Setting up Nursing and undertaking Bio-Diverse Afforestation in the Jungles adopted.

  • 2. Providing Hi-Tech Drones to help the Forest Department in Anti Poaching and Tiger Monitoring Efforts

The Nurseries will raise Bio-Diverse Variety of plants which will help in balancing the Bio-Diversity of the Adopted Jungle to make it suitable for Tiger Prey. Many Afforestation works have been taken up earlier without paying any attention to the local Biodiversity resulting in hundreds of acres of uniform jungle which are not Bio-diverse and do not support majority of animals. The aim is to bring about a balance in these jungle and also re-create newer jungles which are suitable for Tiger Prey-hence helping increase the Tiger Habitat.

While increasing the Tiger Habitat is very important, it is also critical to ensure that existing Tiger Population and its keepers are well protected. Vata Foundation hopes to help in these areas by donating Hi-Tech Drones with Night Vision Capabilities to help in Anti-Poaching and Tiger Territory Monitoring purposes. Many a times the Forest Guards are caught in sticky situation wherein they are expected to go close to a wild Tiger for monitoring jobs. They risk their lives every time they do this. The drones provided by Vata Foundation will help them monitor from a safe distance while simultaneously creating video recording of the event. This video recording is telecast live to the base station there by creating a very strong monitoring tool for the Department.