Vata Foundation will be starting off its works in PENCH & BOR Nation Parks (Maharashtra) and TIPPESHWAR Wildlife Sanctuary (Maharashtra). A few jungles of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are also in the Pipeline. Initially a large nursery will be set up in Tippeshwar to ensure a steady supply of Bio-Diverse Saplings. The seeds for these saplings will be sourced from the wild to ensure proper linage. The Afforestation works will be carried out in many different ways depending upon the location. From manually planting the saplings to seed Bombings all available techniques will be used to ensure a proper job is done. Once planted the saplings will be maintained for a period of three years before leaving them to the forces of nature. Only the toughest will survive in the open as designed by Mother Nature herself.

Biodiversity is essential for attracting wildlife which help disperse seeds, In the long term, VATA seeks to change consumer behaviour in order to achieve a slow-down in the rate of deforestation and hence, an improvement in both the environment and in the lives of people who depend directly or indirectly on forests and trees.